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About us

We are a group of designers with a passion for type and creativity. Born in India - a land of diversified languages and culture, we have great admiration and affection for Devanagari script which for us as designers always provides immense opportunity to express ourselves through the medium of letterforms. We challenged ourselves to take one letter and present like a human - with voice, tonality, and character as if it was an actor on stage. Sometimes use it as a way of story-telling or just simply calligraph it to show the stance it carries with matras, halant, and shirorekha. 

We along with 250 participants had explored infinite possibilities of expression through the first edition, and now challenge again every Devanagari type enthusiast to discover new possibilities with the second edition. 

Meet the Team


Manisha Gupta

Manisha is a designer and post-graduate from IDC IIT Bombay, India. Her final degree project ‘Expressions through Letterforms’ ...


Abneet Chauhan

Abneet is a designer and co-founder of 47 Days of Devanagari. An IDC IITB alumni, he has a deep interest in building...


Bhavya Minocha

Bhavya is a creative enthusiast who is inspired by the traditional & modern Indian surroundings. She is constantly exploring...


Poonam Savale

Poonam has a great interest in exploring expression through paper as a medium. A visual designer with a Post-Graduate degree...

Meet the Influencers

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