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# 47 Days Of


15 August - 30 September 2019

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We are here again to invite you

47 Days Of Devanagari is a type challenge to express one Devanagari letterform each day from different creative perspectives. This project aims to bring creative minds together across the globe and give an opportunity to glorify Devanagari which is the world’s 4th most popular script used for 120 languages.

In 2017 with the first edition of 47 Days, 15k+ artworks were created and celebrated. Now, with the second edition starting 15th Aug 2019, we again invite designers, artists, and creatives to challenge themselves to express one Devanagari letterform each day with the uber creativity and showcase it to a much bigger audience. 


We are proud to partner with Adobe and 36 Days of Type for this edition of the challenge.




Track our calendar for 'Letter of the Day’ and create your art-piece.


Post the artwork on your Instagram profile in a square format with hashtags #47daysofdevanagari or #47daysofdevanagaritype


Every day, a few artworks will be selected and reposted by 47daysofdevanagari team for a more relevant and wider range of audiences.



33 consonants + 14 vowels = 47 Days of Devanagari

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